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 GuangJin Instruments Co., Ltd. is into the production, management and quality control of all of the professional equipment company. Products meet international quality system ISO, ASTM, DIN, JIS, LIS, AATCC, PSTC, GB, CNS, BS, UL, IEC, VDE, CSA, HG, TAPPI, DRAFT, CEN, EN certification requirements of the testing standards .
The main products: computer-universal testing machine, microcomputer precision environmental testing machine, servo system microcomputer life detection equipment bags, adhesive tape industry complete test equipment, color printing and packaging industry detection equipment and so on.
 Guangjin Instruments company in Taiwan, established in 1991, was initially the main agent distribution Japan, Germany, the United States, Taiwan and other countries and regions of high-quality testing instruments. From 1996, with Japan, the United States and a number of deep-seated equipment company started cooperation of the international testing equipment research and development and manufacturing. 1996 in the mainland have set up branch offices and manufacturing plants.
 Guangjin Instruments company has always adhered to the quality of survival, to the credibility of development, in recent years, keeping up with international companies and material testing machine detection technology development, a bold high-tech, high-tech professionals absorption and increase R & D investment, committed to the intrinsic quality of the equipment upgrade, excellence, honesty and trustworthiness, the company and its equipment--series detection equipment have developed rapidly. At present, the company's products has been fully applied to production control, incoming inspection, the import and export commodity inspection, product quality supervision, and other fields. Products with advanced technology, testing accurate, stable performance characteristics, such as the usage of praise. Products industries have expanded the application of rubber, plastics, footwear, food, cosmetic, paper, color packaging, bags handbags, electronic wires, textiles, sports equipment, biochemical, pharmaceutical, household appliances, office equipment , aviation, aerospace, as well as colleges and universities, research institutes and other research and development areas.
 Jin-equipment companies adhere to the people-oriented, customer-first the humanistic principles, good conditions for companies to recruit more capable personnel, as well as every employee and provide a vast improvement and development of space, simple, efficient and warm to the management model each employee dynamic, the company full of vigor. The company's development is inseparable from the support of staff and customers, care, the company will continue to be widely uphold honesty, credit management theory, principles of operation of lifelong service to the most impeccable service and the most positive attitude serve our customers.
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